Hot Tub Serum's Total Cleanse Water Care Solution

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  • ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANER: Our products help rid the tub or hot tub of bacteria that can cause adverse reactions to your skin. Hot Tub Serum will NOT harm plumbing or metal fixtures. Hot Tub Serum will actually extend the life of your tub and help in providing clean, clear, and healthy water to soak and relax in. After using Hot Tub Serum you will be rewarded with super clean water at maximum brilliance.
  • DEEP CLEANING & HASSLE-FREE MAINTENANCE: Using our serum will eliminate the hassle of purchasing and maintaining tub cleaning products. Our Hot Tub Serum performs a Powerful Deep Clean, cleaning the water to super clear, reduces sanitizer decay rates, extra sanitizer mileage softens water for debris separation, and eliminates organic plumbing and jet-bio contamination.
  • SUPER CONCENTRATED FORMULA: This container equals over 8 (16 oz) liquid tub cleaners, which provides a complete colonoscopy for Hot Tub-Jetted Tub-Whirlpool Plumbing. It contains enough gel to clean your jetted tub 16 times and up to 3 hot tub flushes.
  • ENHANCES FILTER EFFICIENCY: You'll be happy to know that this Hot Tub Serum prevents damage and protects all the tub components. It also increases filtration efficiency for better flow. This serum is time-tested for weekly hot tub maintenance, saving you lots of money on cleaning products or professional care. So, be ready to enjoy the benefits of hot water therapy.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE, MONEY-SAVER: Our hot tub serum helps you cut down on costly repairs or replacements by properly cleansing the heater and pipe jets