2024 Union Ultra

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Size: Medium


Color: Black
2024 Union Ultra

Main Information

Strap into the most comfortable men's snowboard binding ever developed. The Union Ultra provides a cushioned ride feel like you’ve never experienced before. Each component of the Ultra acts as a suspension system for your snowboard boots, loading and unloading with each movement as you ride. Welcome to the future of snowboard binding design. 


Baseplate: Stage 11 Duraflex ST
Bushing: Moleculer Bushing w/ TPE Outsole
Heelcup: Extruded 3D Aluminum w/ Astro Washer
Highback: S15 Ultra Duraflex ST
Ankle Strap: Forma X
Toe Strap: NEW TS 5.0 Ultragrip
Ratchet: Magnesium S1 w/ Steel Base
Hardware: Grade 8.8 Steel
Gas Pedal: Non Stick + Extragrip
Strap Adjustment: Tool-Less
Canting: No