Anon M5 Goggles + Bonus Lens + MFI Facemask

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Color: Frame Chet Malinow. Lens: Perceive Variable Blue (21% / S2). Spare Lens: Perceive Cloudy Pink (53% / S1)
Size: One Size


The Anon M5 Goggles offer the wide field of view and enhanced peripheral vision of a toric lens with a slightly narrower frame and a clean, modern shape. Our innovative Magna-Tech quick lens-change technology uses powerful magnets to make lens changes easier than ever when you want to switch out lenses. This edition of the M5 includes a Perceive optics lens for high-contrast, terrain-defining clarity in bright conditions plus a bonus lens for cloudy days. Our best anti-fog treatment offers crystal-clear vision through a wide range of conditions. Magnetic Face Mask Integration (MFI) provides seamless face mask attachment.