2024 Deacon 72 + Rmotion3 12 GW Black Red

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You could say that the term “all-mountain” was coined just for the Deacon. Long, medium or crisp, short turns, cruising or skiing at the limits of speed, churned up or groomed slopes – if you’re ambitious about carving, look no further. With a 72 mm waist, the Deacon is great for anyone who likes to carve quickly through every radius and sometimes really let rip. Fully overhauled and designed in bright colors for this winter, the Deacon 72 is impossible to miss on the slopes. With different geometry, a widened shovel and shortened tip and tail rocker, this powerhouse master's every turn radius and can switch edges even faster thanks to a two-millimeter narrower waist. Long, medium or short turns – if you’re ambitious about performance, look no further. Its versatility is magnified by Tailored Carbon Tips. Carbon fibers applied using Völkl’s exclusive Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP) process allow our engineers to influence curve behavior with great accuracy. The strength and alignment of the fibers define the force you need to apply and the energy that builds up where it’s needed. Agile shovel reaction is a feature of special note. This means that as soon as you initiate a turn, the ski begins to steer in a measured and controlled manner, depending on how the edges are employed. This construction also allows means less weight without any loss of stability. Last but not least, TFP allows our designers to tailor every length to the requirements of each target group. The whole Deacon range is made with 3D. Glass at the front and rear areas, while the ski is built around our renowned multilayer wood core featuring a mix of poplar and beech. Two full layers of Titanal give the ski its familiar vigour. The Deacon 72’s ride is also boosted by the R-Motion 3 GW binding. A shortened plate combined with a wider hole pattern delivers stronger, more direct power transmission and helps you switch edges quicker. The real highlight, however, is that the two rear screws are no longer fixed, allowing the binding to slide freely. With improved edge grip, the ski moves harmoniously through the entire line of the bend without being blocked. All in all, it takes noticeably less strength to turn with the Deacon 72. For younger and lighter riders, the Deacon 72 is now available for the first time in a length of below 160 cm – 158 to be precise.



158, 163, 168, 173, 178


All Mountain




Tip & Tail Rocker


Multilayer Woodcore


P-Tex 4504




Men's , Women's , Youth


Ambitious , Expert


rMotion3 12 GW