Ships Next Day Dolphin E70 Robotic Pool Cleaner w/ Caddy

Includes Pelican Enhanced Warranty Program
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What's the Difference Between Dolphin Models? here is a chart to help you with that! 

Purchasing a Robotic Pool Cleaner could be challenging! Call our expert staff if you have questions. Pelican offers advantages over purchasing from big box stores. 

Those advantages are:

FREE ZERO COST IN-HOUSE WARRANTY SERVICE/REPAIR (NOT SOMETHING OFFERED BY BIG BOX STORES OR UNRELIABLE DROP SHIPPERS): Our warranty work is done as soon as a cleaner arrives at our store! Other companies will just hand you off to Maytronics which takes an extended amount of time. Not us!  (If there are any issues pelican will have your cleaner shipped to our store and worked on the same day it arrives for a quick repair FOR FREE! We know how annoying a warranty process could be so in the rare occurrence it happens we make it quick and painless!)

-We Are A Real Physical Pool Store With Superior Post-Purchase Customer Service: Many stores selling dolphin pool cleaners are just big dropshipping companies or companies that don't have a physical store. These stores don't have any after-purchase customer service and will just shove you off to the manufacturer. Why buy from someone who doesn't know the product? We encourage anyone to read our reviews from our satisfied customers! 

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Dolphin In Healthy Shape and Looking Like New: Over the course of our relationship with Dolphin we have developed many tips and tricks on how to better take care of your robot and to avoid any issues down the road! These tips are given to any customer who purchases a dolphin from us! 

-Our Store Phone Gets You Directly To A Manager! The only robots we have are the ones that clean your pool! Not the annoying robot that picks up the phone for big companies!

-Real-life Experience and Knowledge About The Cleaners: When you call the above number the only people who pick up are from our pool parts department. These team members are also involved in repairing and working on automatic pool cleaners so they can answer all the questions you have!

-Family Owned and Operated for over 50 years.

Pelican Shops is an authorized dealer of Maytronics products located in New Jersey


Enjoy the Best Dolphin pool cleaner of today!


In our humble opinion this is the best dolphin pool cleaner

Pool Attributes
Pool Size/Cable Length Up to 50 Ft
Pool Type In-Ground
Filter Type Multi-Layer
Filter Description Extra Large Basket, Top-load
Cleaning Coverage Floor, Walls, Waterline
Cleaning Mode(s) Standard, Quick Clean, Enhanced
Cleaning Cycle(s) 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 Hours
Mobility CleverClean™ and PowerStream
Number of Brushes 2 Brushes
Active Brushes 1 Active
Connectivity & Automation
Remote Control No
Wi-Fi® Yes
MyDolphin™ Plus App yes
Weekly Timer Yes
Cycle Selector Yes
Delay Mode Yes
Full Bag Indicator Yes
Automation Mode Yes
Anti-Tangle Swivel Cable Yes
Cable Length 60 Ft
Warranty 36 Months Limited
Caddy Included Included
Product Weight (robot only) 25.3 lbs