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WhiteSpace Freestyle Shaun White Pro 22/23 Snowboard
Travis’ favorite Jackson Hole designed / globally tested shape in lightweight, long lasting, environmentally friendly, powerful HP construction. The T.Rice Pro HP is a versatile stick that will allow you to push your limits anywhere on the mountain and is still playful enough to be your daily driver. The perfect resort snowboard from the world’s best snowboarder.
Yes. Snowboards Jackpot 2023
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The Fantom snowboard is a directional twin designed for all-mountain riding and epic powder days. Constructed with Kemper’s Shark-Bite™ edge-traction technology underfoot, this board provides stability in all conditions.
2023 Kemper Fantom Snowboard
Sale price$420.00 Regular price$545.00
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The original Aggressor (Comp) was an oversized racing snowboard that terrorized giant slalom courses across the globe. We've ditched the tight-fitting speed suits and hard boots and have built a reliable all-mountain cruiser built for groomers and the pow. Speed suit is optional.
2023 Kemper Aggressor Snowboard
Sale price$420.00 Regular price$525.00
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The Artifact is a corner stone of the Rome board collection thanks to its jib-happy flex profile and utterly too fun park performance. With the reliable power of Stay Positive Camber, our new Flax Impact Plates, a pressable flex profile and the locked-in feeling that only Double Kick provides, the Artifact is pure park annihilator. Park rats, van dwellers, stair shovelers and jib kids everywhere know, the Artifact is the truth.
2023 Rome Artifact
Sale price$343.96 Regular price$429.95