Wave Skater Ghost Shark Bodyboard

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One of the largest bodyboards from Wave Skater that is a great choice for larger people or smaller people that would like enhanced buoyancy and stability.

The Wave Skater boards are bodyboards but with multi-purpose properties. You can use them for both small and larger waves, as riverboards and even as stand-up surfboards.

The Wave Skater boards are developed with smart technologies such as the pontoon technology that acts like fins and enhances maneuverability and control. The board decks have stomach cavity, grip-like handles and recessed arm-wells that provides great comfort and control.

This 48.75" Ghost Shark bodyboard will make time on the water fun and playful.

Note: All Wave Skater bodyboards come with different color structures. So when you pick a board in certain colors you get the colors in a unique structure different from all other bodyboards with the same color combinations.


  • Compression molded, closed-cell foam
  • Fully textured “Shark Skin” surface
  • Fiberglass-composite dual molded stringers for added flex
  • Dual tapered pontoon hull (Patented)
  • Hand grips
  • Hand rails
  • Stomach cavity
  • Modified Bat-tail