Pelican's Swimming Pool Winterizing Kit (30,000 Gallon)

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Pelican's Swimming Pool Winterizing Kits area great way to prevent your pool from getting horribly green and nasty over the winter months. The Swimming Pool Winterizing kits come in 3 different sizes. this specific kit is meant for pools up to 30,000 gallons and beyond. Pelican's Swimming Pool Winterizing Kits come with the 3 essential chemicals needed to treat your pool water for the winter. These 3 chemicals are WINTER AID, WINTERIZING TABLETS, and WINTER OXIDIZER.

The 30,000 Gallon Winterizing kit comes with: 

2x "Winter Aid":  Winter Aid is a cationic polymeric flocculant that is designed to coagulate and "floc" suspended solids from swimming pool water. These solids will then settle to the bottom of the pool for easy removal come springtime. The Winter Aid also helps prevent any algae growth over the winter months. 

2x "Winterizing Tablets": These Winterizing tablets are a non-chlorine sanitizer that will reinforce your pool water to keep it from growing algae over the warm fall months and early spring months before opening. Since these tablets are non-chlorine they WILL NOT cause any damaging vapers that can harm your pool cover!

2x "Winter Oxidizer": this Concentrated non-chlorine winter oxidizer will oxidize or remove most contaminants in pool water which would create a chlorine demand. A concentrated winter oxidizer like this ensures that the sanitizer found in the winter tablets stays in its "free state" keeping it active for much longer.  

HOW MANY GALLONS IS MY POOL?!? (we got you covered! use the table below to find out your pool gallonage so you can order the right size winterizing kit!)

12ft Round Above Ground 4,750
15ft Round Above Ground 5,841
18ft Round Above Ground 8,411
21ft Round Above Ground 11,448
24ft Round Above Ground 14,953
27ft Round Above Ground 18,925
30ft Round Above Ground 23,364
18ft x 12ft Oval Above Ground 6,100
24ft x 12ft Oval Above Ground 8,500
24ft x 15ft Oval Above Ground 11,050
30ft x 15ft Oval Above Ground 13,250
33ft x 18ft Oval Above Ground 17,700

IN-GROUND (estimate closest size if your pool is a free form shape)
12x24 12,960
16x32 23,040
18x36 29,160
20x40 36,000
25x45 84,375