Pelican's Swimming Pool pH Decreaser 10LBS

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Your pool water pH and alkalinity levels is very important to healthy pool water and proper pool surface protection. A high pH level in your pool water can cause staining, cloudy water, metal corrosion and even chlorine loss, while irritating swimmer's skin and eyes. In The Swim granular pool pH reducer brings high pH levels (7.6 ppm and above) and high Alkalinity levels (120 ppm and above), back to normal levels safely and quickly for a more comfortable swimming environment.

  • pH Decreaser for pools utilizes sodium bisulfate for safer, easier control of pool pH and Alkalinity levels
  • 10 Pounds of In The Swim granular pool pH Down is equal to 1 gallon of muriatic acid
  • 8 oz. of pH reducer (dry acid) per 10,000 gallons will lower pH by .52 pH units
  • Add pH reducer to your pool whenever pH levels rise about 7.6 ppm
  • Corrects pool pH water conditions to prevent skin irritation and damage to your pool and pool equipment
  • Easy and safe to store and use; available in several different quantities

INGREDIENTS: Soium Bisulfate 93.3% / Sodium Sulfate 6.7%