Dunn Rite PoolSport Basketball Hoop

Sale price$199.00

The Dunn-Rite Pool Sport Portable Pool Basketball Hoop (B950) features a color-matched ball, 13.5" stainless steel rim (36" height) and a solid 31"W x 22"H poly backboard that overhangs the water. The pedestal of this Dunn-Rite pool basketball hoop extends the rim out over the water so players do not have to get so close to the pool's edge. All hardware is stainless steel to make it durable enough to withstand consistent use. This swimming pool basketball hoop has a base that weighs 115 lbs when filled with water to help keep it firmly in place. The rim is vinyl coated stainless steel that measures 13.5". The Dunn-Rite Pool Sport Portable Pool Basketball Hoop (B950) will add some fun and excitement to the water games you play in your pool.

  • The Dunn-Rite Pool Sport Poolside Basketball Hoop has a 38" high by 17" wide by 19" deep. When filled with water, the base is 115 lbs.
  • Large poly reinforced backboard measuring 22" x 31". Unit comes with a three year warranty
  • Vinyl coated Stainless Steel 13.5" rim that stands at a fixed height of 36" above the deck.
  • Unit comes complete with a mid size, color matched basketball with textured grip specifically designed for water use.
  • All hardware on the Pool Sport Poolside basketball hoop is stainless steel.
  • 1 - poly backboard measures 22" x 31" (BB900)
  • 1 - vinyl coated stainless steel 13.5" rim (RIM555)
  • 1 - base weighs 115 LBS when filled with water
  • 1 - mid size 7 3/4" diameter, color matched ball (B150)
  • Base: 17"W x 19"D x 38"T
  • Rim fixed at 36"
  • All hardware is stainless steel (HDW B950)
  • 3 Year Warranty