Blizzard XCR Skis With TLT 10 Bindings

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Size: 139cm


Blizzard XCR Skis With TLT 10 Bindings

 When you head out for a day of skiing, comfort and performance are both at the top of your mind. That's especially true for a beginner or intermediate skier who needs a little time to become steady on their feet. Our Blizzard XCR Skis with TLT 10 Bindings check all the boxes. The skis provide stability as well as comfort and a relaxed playfulness that will feel good all day long.

A well-rounded ski that could be used by any skier!


Measure yourself or the skier in Centimeters and choose the closest size based on your skier level of Beginner, Intermediate, Expert. 

Beginner: you want up to the chin

Intermediate: you want up to the nose

Expert: you want at least in the middle of the forehead or skiers preference


Designed for People over 100lbs

All Mountain / Frontside
Ski Terrain

This is the sports car of skis for the skier who loves the thrill of making precise turns particularly on groomed snow.

Ski Width

Very quick edge to edge for making nimble and lightning fast turns.

Ski Flex

Medium flex will allow the skier to have increased stability at higher speed as well as a balanced performance category in all kinds of terrain.


Tip & Tail RockerSki Rocker Profile

Designed to be a versatile blend for easy turn initiation as well as release from a turn while maintaining rocker under the foot for a stable feel.

You can explore varied territory with these versatile skis featuring 77m centering. They keep on a broken ski slope and remain beautifully groomed. Our skis provide fantastic handling in snow, sleet or windy conditions. The bindings are firm, and they handle maneuvers well. Less experienced skiers will enjoy a high degree of control, which makes it easier to take turns.

  • Dimensions: 123-77-105 mm at 167 cm
  • Composition: Composite Sidewall Wood