Spa Disclaimers and Information

Looking To Purchase a Spa?
Here Are Some Important Disclaimers and Information


Pelican will contact you to schedule the delivery and get some more information and ask for pictures on the delivery location on the property such as (deck, patio, yard, etc.). Spa delivery is free HOWEVER, additional costs may arise if the delivery location will take more than the standard 2-person delivery FOR EXAMPLE:

         If you want the spa placed within a cutout on your deck or want the spa brought up onto a high deck, there would be a $300 special placement fee. This will all be figured out before the delivery is scheduled.


  • Spa Delivery does not include Electrical installations, only the placement of the tub. Customer should contact a licensed electrician to hook up the SPA.
  • Check with your town to see if you need a permit for both the SPA and the Electric Requirements. 220 Volt & 50 AMP Breaker.
  • The Spa’s location in the yard or patio must be LEVEL. Pelican sells Spa mats if you want an extra layer of protection beneath the SPA.
  • The SPAS Weight when filled with water and people will be around 5,000lbs.
  • Pelican Will Service any Spas within a 50 Mile Radius of our store location in Morris Plains, NJ. Anything past that will require the customer to reach a Spa Service Company
  • SPA Warranty issues must be handled by the manufacturer.
  • No returns on delivered SPAS